You weren't kidding about the learning curve

Looks just like the learning curve of EVE from back in the day:

So I managed to make it out of the starting area (lame “Federation”) and to the edge of the much more civilized Empire space. Here’s my current self-immolation count:

  • 1 cargo hauler lost due to accidental trigger of afterburners while docking
  • 1 combat specialized scout ship after running out of fuel in an unexplored star system
  • 1 starter space junker lost to “let’s see what happens when we afterburner too close to a brown dwarf star”

But still having fun with it :laughing:

Now that I’m flying around quite a bit, I’ve been interdicted twice by pirates. Interdiction is when a pirate zaps you with a frame-shift-drive interdictor (jump-drive scrambler to you and me). It puts you into this minigame where you both try to stay on target … the one who does best wins. The first time I got interdicted, I won the mini-game. The second time, they won … but I managed to smoke them with my superior weaponry (three energy-pea-shooters :laughing:)

I finally made it back to > 100k Credits! :grinning: After losing another combat-specialized scout ship due to taking on stronger pirates than I could handle, I was nearly out of funds, which was making doing missions hard because a lot of the best faction missions require you to purchase something and give it away. So I flew out to a nearby ringed planet to see if I could figure out this mining thing (before actually buying mining equipment) … but there were pirates there too! Incredibly lucrative pirates … and system security to help you shoot them down!

Taking care of a few of those got me back to the number of credits I started the game with :disappointed_relieved: So now I need to see where I want to go from here :laughing: