XCOM 2 on Xbox One X


Back in February, Firaxis released an update of XCOM 2 for the Xbox One X. It fixed the frame rate and loading issues, but not some of the game’s more glaring bugs. Specifically:

  1. When launching the game, you must log out of Xbox Live and let the game log you in on the initial loading screen or else you’ll never get past the “Press :xbox_a: to start”
  2. If the game crashes while you’re playing in Ironman mode, you may not only lose your progress since your last save, but lose the campaign completely from the list of save games

I decided to give it another try because I prefer playing games on Xbox if I can just because it’s a simpler experience. But after losing the entire campaign that I’ve been playing for the past couple days, I just can’t. So, back to the PC version I go. Well, macOS version anyway.