Workaround for "hang on loading screen" bug on Xbox One

I ran into this bug for the first time a while back. I generally followed the “delete your save data” recommendations but that didn’t work. The reason why is described in this FDev forum post, you have to delete not just the save data from your Xbox but from the Xbox cloud storage as well. To save others from digging out the instructions, do exactly this:

  1. On the Xbox Home screen select “My games and apps”
  2. Highlight Elite: Dangerous in the games listing and press the Menu button (the small hamburger button down and to the right of the Xbox Guide button)
  3. Select “Manage Game” from the menu that pops up
  4. If the game is running, select “Quit” and then open the menu again
  5. In the menu on the left of the screen, highlight “Saved Data”
  6. Highlight the saved data for your gamertag and press the :xbox_a: button
  7. You’ll get a confirmation to “Delete from console”, “Delete everywhere” or “Cancel” … select "Delete everywhere"

If you don’t get the option to “Delete everywhere”, you didn’t follow the instructions exactly. Start over and try again. Only “Delete everywhere” will work.

I hope this helps others save time! Fly safe, Commanders o7