Welcome to the No Tears Discussion Forums!


Welcome to the latest iteration of the No Tears discussion forums!

No Tears is a social group based around gaming in all its forms that grew out of a roleplaying guild for massively-multiplayer online games (or MMOs). No Tears was originally founded in EverQuest in December of 1999 and has had incarnations in Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft and many other online games.

This forum is intended to be the permanent (no really, I mean it this time :laughing:) home and historic repository of the No Tears gaming group. We want it to be a place to discuss games, what we’re playing or what we’re looking forward to, and even just generally keeping in touch, trading stories of the “good old days” or talking about whatever off-topic thing we feel like discussing.

Whether you were a member, a friend, a friend of a member or something else besides … sign up, give a post introducing yourself and say hello!