Weapon effectiveness notes

In Stellaris, using the right weapons for the situation can be the difference between winning a battle and losing it. So I wanted to make some notes about the three main weapon types.

Name Armor Effectiveness (S/M/L) Shields Effectiveness Weakness
Autocannons Ignores 0%/10%/20% of Armor
Lasers Ignores 15%/30%/60% of Armor -20% Shield Damage
Mass Drivers Ignores 0%/15%/30% of Armor +33% Shield Damage
Missiles Ignores 0%/15%/30% of Armor +15% Shield Damage Point defense negates
Torpedos Ignores 50% of Armor 100% Shield Penetration Point defense negates

Note: This is current as of the Utopia expansion for the console version of Stellaris.