Trying out the second expansion just in time for the third to be released next month

Late last night, because I was bored, I decided to try playing Destiny again. I’m having some fun with it because between the last time I played and now, they’ve added a number of new things to do, more periodic spawns to keep you on your toes and other interesting tidbits.

In addition, I was surfing the Destiny subreddit and found out about this cool site: The 100. You enter some information about yourself like age, play style (casual vs. serious), time zone and the like. It will match you up with 99 other folks of similar characteristics that you can coordinate with through the site … it’s like insta-guild … just add water! I signed up for the site, got assigned to a group (Alpha Company 76), signed up for a raid and raided that same night! And it was fun … none of the PUG crap that one might normally deal with. I think other games should really look at how that site is designed and mimic it for guild creation and matchmaking.

I went on my second raid with my The 100 group last night, the much-ballyhooed Vault of Glass run (normal mode). I ended up with my very own Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, often cited as either the best heavy weapon in the game or required equipment for high end raiding.

Which brings me to Destiny’s loot system. All loot is randomly generated per player either from kills, chests or finishing a raid, strike or story event. And since there is no trading between accounts, everything in the game is essentially account bound. This solves a ton of problems with loot assignment in the game. It directs people’s ire away from their teammates and towards the RNG of the game. If I didn’t get the loot drop I wanted, only the game is responsible … not that W4rl0ck420 swooped in at the last second and “sniped” it from me through the use of DKP.

Also, I think it helps that raids are only 6 people …