Timaphon the Mad

Scientist Timaphon the Mad passed away today in his berth aboard the Vulcan Republic Ship Irevan the Bitter. Timaphon the Mad was a scientist and explorer of great renown, having been on hand at some of the Vulcan Republic’s greatest discoveries. He is known to have said that one of his proudest moments is living long enough to see the Vulcan species reach its full psionic potential and begin exploring the latest frontier of “The Shroud”, the newly-discovered realm of pure psychic energy. He was 119 years old.

His science vessel, Irevan the Bitter, has been donated to the Vulcan Science Directorate and will be put on display in the National Science Museum on Vulcan to inspire future generations of Vulcans to reach for the stars as Timaphon did.

Timaphon the Mad was a scientist in the first game of Stellaris that I played in the 2.2 (LeGuin) version of Stellaris Console Edition.