Things I learned

Dealing with gankers

  • Throwing anything overboard in deep enough water will make it despawn before people can get to it (good to ensure that gankers don’t profit from you)
  • Sailing off the map will destroy your ship and cargo


  • If you lose your allotment of cages on a merchant voyage, you can’t pick up more from the merchant guild people
    • But you can find them laying around on various islands occasionally
  • All animals despawn when they drown
  • If pigs :pig: you’re transporting are squealing, feed them bananas :banana:
  • Snakes can be calmed with the hurdy-gurdy (have not tested the concertina or drum yet)
  • If you pick up the wrong color animal in a cage or basket, shoot it to make it despawn then pick up the correct color


  • If you hear the sound of running water near you when you’re swimming, it’s a shark :shark:
  • If you hear the sound of a lot of running water near you when you’re sailing, it’s a megalodon :shark: :scream: