Things I discovered playing Destiny 2

  • Level cap is 20 again
  • Power cap is 300 — what was called “Light Level” in D1 is now “Power” in D2
  • When you hit 20 (at least on your first character), you get three Bright Engrams
  • Each time you “level up” after 20, you get a Bright Engram as well as a skill point (until all your subclasses are complete)
  • You don’t get a Sparrow right away
    • You can get a Sparrow as a random drop in a Bright Engram
    • You get a Sparrow for completing the campaign
    • You can buy a Sparrow for Silver at Eververse
  • Just like in D1, don’t bother purchasing gear using Glimmer
  • Pressing both the View and Menu buttons (formerly Select and Start) at the same time brings up the map UI immediately
  • You can see the loot table for any merchant’s Engrams by highlighting the Engram offer and pressing :xbox_y: to preview
  • You get upgrade points for running Meditations

Quest Types


  • Patrols — Same as in D1
  • Strikes — Same as in D1
  • Lost Sectors — Instanced areas that have no story but have a bunch of trash mobs and a boss with some loot


  • Challenges — New version of daily quests. You get three per planet every day plus a daily challenge quest to do a certain number of challenges.


  • Meditations — Re-run story missions
  • Treasure Chests — Find Cayde-6’s treasure chests


  • Regional Chests — Like gold chests in D1


  • “Soft” level cap is 20 — you can keep leveling for skill points and Bright Engrams, but your level doesn’t increase
  • Power cap is either 300 or 350 — Gear says it can be infused to 350 but I’ve seen reports of 300 being the pre-raid cap
  • Glimmer is capped at 100,000 and glimmer is shared across all characters — If you get to the cap, spend some on scouting reports at Cayde-6 in the tower. They’ll help you find planetary tokens, which help you level up planetary factions and get gear

Clan System and Rewards

  • D1 clans persist to D2
  • Clan membership is by player, not by character
  • Clans can level up each “season” to gain benefits for their clan members
  • Leveling a clan to level 2 costs 100k Clan XP
  • Each character (so three per player) can contribute 5k Clan XP per week — meaning a single player would take a minimum of 7 weeks to level a clan from 1 to 2 (presumably higher levels cost more)
  • Rewards
    • Level 2 — Gain additional Glimmer when looting engrams
    • Level 3 — Increases public event rewards
    • Level 4 — Improves rewards from eliminating Cabal enemies
    • Level 5 — Increases the chance of receiving reputation tokens when completing Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials
    • Level 6 — Increases chance of receiving an engram when completing playlist activities with a clan member


  • Consumables, Modifications, and Shaders are shared across all three characters … so you only have 50 slots each of Consumables, Modifications, and Shaders
  • Anything in the Vault is shared across all characters (but Consumables, Modifications, and Shaders cannot be stored in the Vault)
  • Unencrypted Engrams have not been confirmed to be shared (but they’re on the Inventory tab like all the shared stuff)


Note: All currencies are shared across all characters, in other words currency belongs to the player, not the character

  • Glimmer — used to buy normal items and to apply Shaders and Modifications, and to infuse items
  • Legendary Shards — used to infuse items
  • Silver — Used to buy Bright Engrams from Eververse
  • Bright Dust — Used to buy items from Eververse


There are several “faction” merchants in the game. You complete tasks or gather materials and turn in those tokens to the appropriate merchant to gain faction. When you level up a merchant, you get a package containing one faction item, faction shaders and one additional reward. Each merchant carries unique faction gear, so if you like the look of a particular merchant’s gear, you may want to invest more time working on that faction.

The faction merchants are:

  • EDZ — Devrim Kay
  • Titan — Sloane
  • Nessus — Failsafe
  • Io — Asher Mir
  • The Tower
    • Ikora Rey
    • Zavala
    • Banshee-44

Gear Set Names

There are several Legendary gear sets in the game available from various faction merchants. These are the names of the gear sets:

  • EDZ — Wildwood
  • Titan — Lost Pacific
  • Nessus — Exodus Down
  • Io — Gensym Knight
  • Ikora Rey — Ego Talon IV
  • Zavala — Xenos Vale IV
  • Tess Everis, Eververse — “of Optimacy”