The new game for me to get lost in

I’ve really been trying to figure out what it is that lets me get lost in a game. I’ve been missing the good old MMO days of EQ and WoW. It seemed like there was always something new to explore and just as I was running out of content, a new expansion would come out.

When I take the Bartle test, I invariably come out as mostly Socializer and Explorer, with Achiever a distant third and Killer almost non-existent. So whatever I come up with needs to have a lot of content … that’s where Destiny fell down for me. It also needs to have some method of socializing, which Destiny actually did fairly well at for me … but games like Dragon Age: Inquisition did not.

Socializer and Explorer as my prime characteristics is an interesting combination. Socializer is about playing with and helping the group. Explorer many times is about playing alone. But what I learn about by exploring the game about testing its limits and gaining tidbits of knowledge often goes to help the group … so they reinforce each other too.

The Mac beta for Elite: Dangerous is coming out on Tuesday. Elite: Dangerous is the fourth edition of the Elite game that came out originally in 1984! I remember playing it for hours and never quite mastering docking :wink: Elite: Dangerous is a space sim trading/mining/pirating/exploration game. It’s most similar to EVE: Online. But it has an interesting spin on the whole MMO system …

The Elite game universe consists of a single galaxy of over 100 billion star systems. When the game was originally launched a few months ago, only 100 star systems were pre-generated. The rest of them will only be generated, procedurally, as they are explored by the player base. As they are explored by the player base, the three NPC factions will expand out into them. The player base has other in-game effects also, like over saturating trade routes and such. Now, there is only one game universe, but this doesn’t mean you need to play with all the other players. You can play solo mode or even with only your group of friends in the game universe … your copy of the game universe will change based on the actions of the entire player-base and vice versa. And you can bounce back and forth between game modes pretty easily from what I’ve seen. So if you want to spend some time exploring and not worrying about other players trying to gank you … drop into solo play and fly off into the universe.

Anyway … this is a pretty cool video that explains the basics: