The Crew: Impressions

A new open-world driving game by Ubisoft.

First impressions:

  • Driving straight through trees with no impact whatsoever :open_mouth: Ok, it was only in the introduction sequence
  • Who talks on a video phone in their damn car?!? :flushed:
  • Mega-corny storyline … better to just not have one
  • The exploded view for previewing vehicle mods is visually impressive, but is distracting and prohibits seeing how the part will actually look
  • Were they intentionally going for the “Gordon Freeman of Street Racers” look for the main character? :stuck_out_tongue:
  • And if you’re going to have a storyline, shouldn’t I be able to customize my character’s look?
  • “Stay in first!” Really?!? I need some computer-generated moron to remind me that I need to win the race every 10 seconds? :rage:
  • The physics model breaks down at high speed. Invisible bumps will send you flying into the air (admittedly very rarely) at joins in world geometry.