System for manufacturing Exotic Shards

This was tested with the Y2 exotic rocket launcher Truth, but theoretically any Y2 exotic heavy weapon should work the same way.

  1. Purchase heavy weapon telemetry, if necessary, from the Weaponsmith for 250 glimmer and 5 weapon parts (which can also be purchased for 250 glimmer from the Weaponsmith)
  2. Activate the telemetry
  3. Purchase heavy weapon from exotic weapon kiosk for 1 exotic shard and 2500 glimmer
  4. Equip the new exotic heavy weapon
  5. Burn 6 Motes of Light
  6. Unequip the now fully-leveled exotic heavy weapon and dismantle it
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until out of glimmer or Motes of Light

Each time you dismantle the fully-leveled heavy weapon, it will return two exotic shards, a few hundred glimmer and 2-4 Motes of Light. This effectively gives you an exotic shard for the investment of 2-4 Motes of Light and about 2200 glimmer each.