Stuff I've learned so far


Item Classes

  • Gray — Common
  • Green — Uncommon
  • Blue — Rare
  • Purple — Epic
  • Orange — Legendary
  • Gold — Mythic


  • There are three main resources: Wood, Stone and Metal
  • You can carry up to 999 of each
  • Never spend all your metal — metal is used to craft bullets

F.O.R.T. Stats

Gained via Research trees and by building Survivor Squads.

  • Fortitude
  • Offense
  • Resistance
  • Tech

  • :zap: is the icon indicating general power rating
  • Main classes - there are many, many subclasses
    • Constructor — Build better stuff
    • Ninja — Hand-to-hand combat specialists
    • Outlander — Collect resources better
    • Soldier — Ranged combat specialists
  • Heroes can be upgraded with Hero XP
  • Schematics can be upgraded with Schematic XP
  • Defenders seem to be NPC party members
  • Survivors are used to create survivor squads that give your basic stats a boost
  • Heroes, defenders and survivors can be “retired” to regain some of the resources that have been spent on them (schematics can be “recycled” which seems to be the same thing)
  • Schematics, heroes, defenders and survivors take up inventory slots — hence the need to retire/recycle them


Since the general release, I’ve been updating the Fortnite Wiki with information I discover.