Skeleton enemy types

There are now different types of skeletons in Sea of Thieves:

Bone Skeletions

These are your standard skeletons that have been in the game since Alpha.

Attack with: Anything
Invulnerable: Nothing
Heals: Eating bananas

Plant Skeletons

These skeletons are covered in leaves, flowers, and the like.

Attack with: Swords
Invulnerable to: Guns
Heals with: Water

Gold Skeletons

These are gold-plated and have bits of treasure embedded within them.

Attack with: Guns
Invulnerable to: Anything until they rust
Weakness: Use water to rust them

Shadow Skeletons

These are ghost-like with beady, glowing eyes, until revealed.

Attack with: Anything
Invulnerable to: Anything until revealed
Weakness: Use the lantern raised high (using :xbox_lt:) to reveal them