Names for things

Because Stellaris gives you the opportunity to name virtually everything, it’s a lot of fun to give things fun and memorable names. I try to follow themes based on the empire I’ve created or science fiction that I’ve read.

Planet names

I often name planets after the colorfully named colonies in Larry Niven’s Known Space. The one exception to this is that I often use the name Themyscira for the first Gaia world I colonize.

Defense platforms

Because I’ve typically run out of themed names for an empire by the time I get down to stations, I typically simply name them according to the NATO phonetic alphabet, starting with Alpha.

Peacekeeper Collective

Based on the Peacekeepers from the Farscape TV series.


  • Corvette: Prowler
  • Destroyer: Marauder
  • Cruiser: Vigilante
  • Battleship: Command Carrier, Jaeger
  • Other names
    • Pathfinder
    • Undaunted
    • Leviathan

Vulcan Republic

Based on the Vulcans from the Star Trek universe.


  • Corvette: T’Pol
  • Destroyer: Tuvok
  • Cruiser: Sarek
  • Battleship: T’Pau
  • Other names