Mining in Beyond Chapter 4


Mining Ship Configurations

Imperial Clipper



  • Lots of cargo capacity


  • No centerline hard points
  • No room for a fuel scoop after all required mining equipment and cargo capacity is in place
  • Large landing pad required


This is not a great ship for mining now because all mining weapons are fixed fire (or turreted, which are fixed fire when there is no gunner) and the weapons are too far off the centerline of the ship. This makes precise targeting a challenge and precise targeting is a requirement in the new mining system. Also, once you get all the systems in place that you need for survivability and mining, there’s no room for a fuel scoop. This means that you’ll have to scout for new mining locations in a different ship, then come back in the Clipper. Finally, it requires a large landing pad, further restricting the places where mining is feasible in it. Overall, the Python is probably a better mining ship.



  • Plenty of cargo capacity — 192t
  • Room for all mining equipment plus a little extra
  • Hardpoints are much more center-aligned than the Clipper
  • Only requires a medium landing pad


  • Maneuverability is low
  • No room for a fighter bay and only one weapon


This is a much better choice for a mid-range mining ship than the Imperial Clipper.

Pristine Reserves Found

  • LP 470-65
    • 5
      • A ring — icy but no hotspots
  • LTT 4428
    • DE 2 — over 16kLs from arrival point
      • A ring – metal rich
      • B ring – icy