Introduction - Another Hello!

Glad to see the board back up! You all know me, I’m Minex :wink: A bit older, a bit wiser, I would hope. I’ve never lost my love for NT and I would love to see it rise again. Gaming is certainly not what is used to be. Better in some ways, worse in others I suppose. There’s a good handful of games in the past but I’m currently in love with Minecraft and am going to be stretching my wings a bit to try Diablo for the first time eva. Otherwise I pretty much play the daily grind and a little bit of laundry roulette! Horrible games for sure, but someone has to play…

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Thanks for joining me here … maybe I can convince others to visit too :smile:

Consider my arm twisted?


Howdy howdy and welcome!


Glad to see these forums up and running again.

Thanks! Glad to have you here :smiley:

Geez. I’m the only one that put a damn novel. We need more womyns here…

And welcome :smile:

So get to inviting some! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have alerted Cestus of old NT / EQ1 about this site and forwarded a Link to it when he expressed interest.

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