I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate


I’ve finished a little over twenty-four hours of playing Destiny. (Yes, I slept for some of them :laughing:) I have to say, I think the storyline is really good and the graphics on the Xbox One are amazing. I spent a couple hours this afternoon playing cooperatively with my son and played through a couple basic missions in pick-up groups. Having voice chat integrated into the system makes things a lot easier too.

There are four playable PvE regions in the original game:

  • Earth — “The Old Cosmodrome, Russia”
  • The Moon — “The Ocean of Storms”
  • Venus — “Ishtar Sink”
  • Mars — “Meridian Bay”

(Venus and Mars were terraformed in the centuries leading up to the game storyline.)

I should have more interesting information when I get an actual night’s sleep tonight :laughing:


General Flow

After the tutorial mission, everything centers around your ship “in orbit”. This is one of two places where you can relax in safety and go through your gear, adjust your character’s build, perhaps invite friends to join a group (fireteam) and plan your next move. From here, you can choose where to go and what to do:

  • Social — You can go to “The Tower” to hang out with other players (Guardians) and visit vendors of various sorts
  • Story Missions — These are scripted activities for one to three players
  • Strike Missions — These are scripted activities for three players (the game will match you up with two other players if you try to start it solo)
  • Patrol — Called “Exploration” in the Beta, this is unscripted exploration of the various areas in the game which you’ve unlocked. There are side missions scattered about to give you a little more direction (and bonus faction) if you want it.
  • PvP — In “The Crucible”, you can find various PvP game types to suit your fancy (I won’t be going into the PvP side of things because that’s not my bag, baby :grinning:)
  • Raid — These are scripted activities for six players (Raid content hasn’t been released yet, so I’ll have to expand on it once it is and I manage to get into a couple)



Your character has a bunch of inventory slots so there is no worrying about keeping a series of backpacks organized.

On-Character Inventory

On-character inventory is broken down into three categories: Gear, Equipment and Inventory.

  • Gear — This is your character’s armor and weapons
  • Equipment — This is vehicles, character emblems and other customization
  • Inventory — Consists of consumables, faction currencies, mission items and bounties

Each slot in your character’s inventory has the active slot and nine (or more) backup slots. So, for example, you have a primary weapon gear slot. This means you can hold up to ten primary weapons on your character and more in your Vault.

Long-Term and Inter-Character Storage

If you have things that you want to swap between characters or just want out of your personal inventory to make room for other stuff, you can place it in your “Vault”. The Vault is accessible at The Tower.



The main currency in the game is called “Glimmer”. It is obtained directly from enemies, from deconstructing items or, rarely, as rewards for certain activities.

There are also resource currencies. There appears to be one resource currency for each planet:

  • Earth → Spinmetal
  • The Moon → Helium Filaments
  • Venus → Spirit Bloom
  • Mars → Relic Iron

Resource currencies can be collected just spawning in the wild or collected from chests that spawn in the wild. This type of currency can be used either to build faction or to upgrade high-end equipment.



Bounties are challenges like “Kill 100 enemies without dying” that you can collect from the Bounty vendor starting at level four. You can have up to five active at any one time. There are both PvP and PvE bounties. Bounties generate both money and faction.