Heading to 46 Eridani to take part in the community event

FAQ for the event

I stripped down the Long Shot a bit, dropped a 4A Frame Shift Drive in her and upgraded her fuel scoop from 2A to 3A to make the 790Ly trek to 46 Eridani. I also put an Advanced Discovery Scanner in so that I can hopefully make some money back from this trip via exploration credits. I’ve got less than two hours to make 57 jumps and it will take me, by far, the furthest I’ve ever been from my comfortable spot in the bubble of human space.

Wish me luck!

09:27: Making my first fuel scooping stop seven jumps in. I’m glad that I plotted a route that only includes scoopable stars.

09:38: Streaming at https://beam.pro/Earen

09:42: Second stop for fuel with 38 jumps left.

09:50: 30 jumps left and fuel still going well. The jumps in this part seem to be shorter. No sign of pirates so far.

09:57: 22 jumps left and pausing a moment to scoop fuel.

10:00: Got a little too eager to jump after scooping and took some heat damage. The most damaged component was the docking computer … down to 88%.

10:10: I hope the docking computer doesn’t screw me at my final destination :see_no_evil:

9 jumps left.

10:14: Decided to start looking for a space station before arriving at 46 Eridani.

10:17: It appears that discovery scanners may not find space stations :confused:

10:28: Taking some time to scout Synuefe TE-V B20-0 for a space station to dock at.

10:33: Couldn’t find anything … moving on to 46 Eridani. 2 jumps left.

10:34: Last jump!

Lots of players in the system. I spent a little while scouting the system for stations but none were to be found. People seemed friendly-ish … but the tension was high.

Decided that discretion was the better part of valor and left the system for a safer location.

10:45: I probably should have checked for the presence of stations before starting the journey :rolling_eyes:

Heading to the Witch Head Science Center in HIP 23759 to sell the exploration data I’ve gathered.

11:00: 18:00 game time, the event should be starting right about now.

11:05: Arrive in HIP 23759. Discovered that the Witch Head Science Center is an asteroid base :exclamation:

Discovery scanners do find stations, it would appear.

11:14: Safely landed (manually) at the Witch Head Science Center. I decided to not take the chance that my damaged docking computer would go on the fritz. Sold the exploration data I gathered for over 2.2M credits :grinning:

12:05: After taking a break, I started to make my way back to the bubble of human space. My ship’s computer couldn’t plot a direct route back home, so I had to plot a partial route and then when I get to the end, I hope that I can plot the route the rest of the way.

12 jumps left to the end of my partial route.

12:20: Success! I’ve plotted a route back to LTT 1289 from Syneufe II-R D5-11. Only 53 jumps until I’m home. This set of jumps will probably take longer because I’m watching holo vids along the way …

13:00: 12 jumps left to go!

13:24: Safely landed at Fraunhofer Station in LTT 1289.

1.1M credits worth of exploration data gathered along the route.