Forza Horizon 2 Tonight!

If you got the digital download version of Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One and you live in the Pacific time zone, you should be able to start playing at 9:01pm Pacific time tonight. The copy on the digital pre-order version says that it will be available for play at 12:01am Eastern time tomorrow :tada:

Well, I guess not. It is now nearly an hour and a half after the planned release and a bunch of people, myself included, are running into an error that is preventing us from unlocking the pre-downloaded game. I guess I’ll go to bed and see what happens tomorrow :cry:

Hey, in your Destiny game what Uber level are you up to??? :wink:

I’m still at 27. Found a couple guys to play with … but things have gotten pretty busy at work. I’m just trying to get my feet under myself before the holidays mucks everything up :laughing:

Shucks, I zoomed past 27… approaching 64… :wink: