Fines, bounties, and notoriety

There’s been a significant overhaul to the crime and punishment system in Elite. The main things to know:

  • When you commit a crime, a “fine” (for minor crimes) or a “bounty” (for major crimes) is applied to your ship
  • Fines can be paid at security contacts
  • Bounties have to be paid at Interstellar Factors but can only be paid off if your Notoriety is at zero
  • Bounties come in a few types:
    • Normal bounties only apply to a system or systems where a minor faction is in power
    • Interstellar bounties are applied when normal bounties become too high and apply to all systems under a superpower (Alliance, Empire, or Federation)
    • Power bounties are applied for Power Play crimes
    • Pilots Federation bounties are issued for illegal PVP crimes. They are valid in all non-anarchy systems
  • When a bounty is applied to your ship, it is considered “hot”
    • All modules that are equipped when a ship becomes “hot” are also “hot”
    • Hot ships can be cleaned at Interstellar Factors if your Notoriety is at zero
  • Notoriety goes up by one when you commit murder (PC or NPC)
    • Notoriety applies to your Commander, not your ship
    • Notoriety decreases by one unit per two hours of logged-in play where you obey the law