Experimenting with Twitch


As you may know, Twitch is a video game broadcasting service, kind of like YouTube but everything it shows is live. Much like YouTube, it has gathered a set of gaming personalities around it that actually make their living streaming themselves playing video games.

Obviously, I’m not looking to start making a living doing this … unless it falls in my lap. But realistically I’m not some crass and sarcastic skinny young punk or some potty-mouthed hot chick with rainbow hair and a tank top (because it is so hot in this room, how did that happen? … yes, I heard a girl actually say that). I just thought it would be fun to experiment with.

The Xbox One has Twitch streaming built in, so I figured I wouldn’t have to invest a bunch of time, effort and money in some sort of crazy streaming setup. On the other hand, I couldn’t get it to work for the longest time. I would start broadcasting and things would say they were working fine … but when I would go to my Twitch stream, it would just show me as offline. I finally worked it out though …

I figured out that it was probably something to do with opening up ports and such so that Twitch could readily communicate with my Xbox. So I used some networking magic to set up my Xbox as a DMZ host on my network. What this means is that I configured my network to not protect my Xbox from the wild and wooly Internet like it does the rest of my computers. And that did it. I streamed a couple hours of Destiny and the Forza Motorsport 6 Demo earlier tonight and had a bit of fun with it.

Nobody watched … but that’s ok … I’m just goofing around.

For those that are curious, my Twitch stream … when I’m streaming … is at http://twitch.tv/earenn