Exotic items have some pretty awesome abilities

For those of you that haven’t started playing the game or perhaps haven’t gotten very far yet, the item system works like this:

  1. Common — White
  • Uncommon — Green
  • Rare — Blue
  • Legendary — Purple
  • Exotic — Orange

Where I’m at in the game now (Level 26), I have almost all Legendaries and I’m working on a quest to get my first Exotic. I wasn’t hugely excited for Exotics until I read this on Reddit:

There is a visible radar on the side of the [Exotic weapon] that you can watch while you move around. At first I thought it was just for show, but then I noticed it would start getting brighter and glow when I was aimed in a specific direction. When I moved in that direction it glows brighter and starts to hum.

Its like a metal detector built into a gun. It finds nodes and chests in the area. I cannot tell you how many hidden caves and rooms I have found exploring because of this thing.

This … is … awesome. Theoretically, all Exotics have some sort of unique ability. I can’t wait to start playing around with Exotic whatevers to see what they do now.