EQ II Playing on line again!

Hello All,
Well after a long absents from it, I have returned on line gamming. Seeing that friend Alan was playing EQ 2 I thought I would give it a try.I am currently only using the free to play option. This means there are limits to where I can go and what gear I can get or in some cases even wear! It also means pop ups in game trying to get you to pay to play! I am happy to say I was hooked in very short order! Unlike EQ 1 soloing in this game is easy to do and the quests appear to pay off in gear that is readly useable either at that level or the next one above. Almost all the turkey quest are either gone or now yield items you would use and the gear that drops covers a wide number of classes! Gone are the fine steel grinds and weight problems that came with them of the old game! Thats not to say you don’t still have grinds, it’s just a little to a lot less mind numbing.
All of the old classes have been redone and many new classes added. To that end I am again playing a Shadowknight character and the first thing I noticed was the class was very different than in EQ 1. The class has been made more group friendly and was able to solo when no group was to be had. Leaning curve on the new spells was steep and reading what each spell does is very important! The days of the old color coding of spells doesn’t appear to me be used. ( In EQ 1 area effect spells had one color back ground and death over time and other spells had their own color, this isn’t always the case in EQ 2.) Another change and so far the only one I am not liking is in trade skills! You may only have one trade skill after trade skill level 19. You must pick one skill and master that and after you have mastered it you can do a quest to change to another skill. As I have yet to master my skill I don’t know what effect this changing skills has on your old trade skill? I don’t know if it just stays where you left it or your limited to level 19 items again in that skill? I will post what I find out at a later date.
In closing EQ 2 is fun to play so far and being free to play the basic game easy on the pocket book. You of course can pay to play and this opens up new gear, spells and places you can go. I will most likely begin paying to play once I hit level 90, after that most of the gear you really need to raid is obtainable only in places free to play can’t go!
So if your looking for some easy fun play come join me and others in game. Look for a Sk named Sestuss on Antonia Bayle server please feel free to join me!

Sestuss level 72 Troll SK !

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