Dragon Age: Inquisition


So … my digital download should unlock at 12:01am Eastern, or 9:01pm Pacific. That’s what they said about Forza Horizon 2, on the other hand :wink: And this is EA that we’re talking about. I haven’t seen anything in the reviews saying that it is needlessly burdened with server integration … but I wouldn’t put another SimCity past them either. On the gripping hand, this is BioWare too … so maybe they’ve been able to hold back the shackles of their corporate masters …

I guess we’ll find out in a few hours …


So, I fiddled around with other stuff until 9:03pm Pacific and then tried it. And it worked! :scream: First time out of the gate even! So then I stayed up until 1am playing … :smirk: More thoughts later …


Note: All my comments are relative to the Xbox One version.


Ok, the visuals are gorgeous with the following exceptions:

  1. Shiny things are shiny
  2. Faces seem a little stiff and emotionless (especially relative to the amount of close-up time each character has in cut scenes or conversations)
  3. SHINY

Pretty much everything either has a matte finish or it is as perfectly reflective as the mirror for the Hubble telescope. This can be somewhat distracting in conversations … especially when the first upgrade shield I got for the warrior was this big wing thing that was covering my character’s face in certain cut scenes.

Oh … and there is this character that I picked up for my party, Vivienne. She’s a beautiful black woman with a penchant for outfits that show cleavage. Normally, this is a past time I can respect. But while the skin textures on the character’s faces (including Vivienne’s) show a high attention to detail with irregularities and blemishes that one would expect from y’know … skin … the “skin” showing through Vivienne’s diamond-cut blouses is as smooth and unnatural as a Barbie doll’s. It’s just … unnerving and distracting … and not in the normal good way that cleavage usually is :cry:


Clothing and Armor

I said in the other thread that I didn’t like the clothing options given to my character class. Even after switching, I’m none too fond. The main reason is that in all of the “home base” cut scenes, the male character is wearing this kind of leathery, drab, skin-tight outfit that you have no control over. And even when wearing armor, it’s all this kind of bland beige-brown stuff or shiny gray or brownish-red pieces where the metal is. A lot of the men’s clothing is also this high-waisted stuff that I just am not into. I guess they’re shooting for a Renaissance look? I dunno … I’m not an expert on fashion … I just am not a fan.

At least give me a little color


I hear you on the SHINY. I had to change my GFX settings quite a bit (and sacrifice more than a few FPS) to get people to stop having plasticine Barbie doll hair.


Same here. My Qunari Mage Jeremiah has this nifty armor he runs around in and it vanishes when he’s in a cut scene. Hopefully it’s just a bug, because the weapons do seem to change. :wink:


I also found out today that if you just accept the “default world” when starting the game a lot of the characters from the old games that you would have had access to are dead in the current game. I assumed that some of them might not be available, but I didn’t know that some or most of them would be dead! So I may be going to the Dragon Age Keep site to see what I can see and may be re-rolling again … :astonished:

Oh … but you have to log in with your “Origin” account. Something that I think is the stupidest idea ever …


Makes sense. EA bought bioware, wants a single sign-in. It’s like Microsoft requiring Passport sign-in for Hotmail (which I was a member of before it got bought…)

I streamlined history a bit on my phone while riding the bus one day. Was nice getting to specify things for areas of the game I missed or never finished.


Yeah, I was a member of Hotmail too before Microsoft bought it. And when Microsoft required Passport for Hotmail to unify with other Microsoft properties that I participated in … I was all for it. But I already have a single sign-in … my Xbox Live account. Now I have to have two sign-ins … one for Xbox Live and one for Origin. Oh and one for Ubisoft … and I’m sure there will be more in the future. This is single sign-on for EA but multi-sign-in for the customer. Bungie managed to handle signing in with my Xbox Live account …


Man, I am still working on this game. Crazy lots of content (granted, I only get it in small 1-2 hour “nibbles” and I’m a bit of a Completionist…


I may restart it (sigh … again) while I’m waiting for Elite: Dangerous. Maybe this time I’ll get a character I can latch onto …


I’ve played a bit of Elite: Dangerous. It’s got a very steep learning curve. I find that the more time I spend in it, the more I want to play something else (LOL). Then the sexy graphics draw me back in…

I bought a basic package Star Citizen so I could try that, too. Looks like it will be awesome when it’s done… right now it’s about as much fun as ED… :wink: