Do you all still play?

This is Mazze/Vasudan from 6+ years ago. Looking to get back into WoW and No Tears. I submitted an application a week ago but havent heard anything back.

I haven’t played World of Warcraft in a number of years. Actually, most people find my gaming habits hard to keep up with :confused: I’m constantly running off to some new game. The latest one I’ve been playing is Factorio. @Alfrik, do you know if anyone is still holding the keys to the No Tears guild in World of Warcraft?

I talked to @Alfrik (who is having Internet problems :boom:) and he said that @Micheal is currently holding the keys to the WoW edition of No Tears. If he doesn’t respond here, I’ll give him a call and see if he’s cool with me giving you his email or other contact info!

If most of my old friends are gone, i’ll probably just join another guild. I was hoping that they would still be here. But shoot Mazze an invite (I submitted an application). And I’ll see if I remember people.