Definitions and Links


  • FSD — Frame Shift Drive — the component that allows for Supercruise within a system and Jumping between systems
  • G5 — Refers to “Grade 5”, the top grade of engineering boost that one can get
  • High and Low Waking — “I was getting my ass handed to me, so I low waked out of there!” — When one engages their FSD, it leaves behind a “wake”, a remnant that can be used to track you. When one engages Supercruise, a “low-energy wake” is left behind. When one engages Hyperdrive, a “high-energy wake” is left behind. So “High Waking” is a synonym for Jumping and “Low Waking” is a synonym for engaging Supercruise.
  • o7 — It’s an emoticon for “salute”. The “o” is the head, and the “7” is the upraised, saluting arm.
  • UA Bombing — Refers to “Unknown Artifacts”, devices of alien origin that have a detrimental effect on human technology. Delivering a large amount of them to a station will bring down that station’s systems, causing it to go into lockdown and refusing to admit ships. Griefers use this to make stations where Community Goals are going on inaccessible.