Commander Earen


Date: 23 Dec 3304

I never quite made it out to the Norma Expanse. But, in my journey out that direction, I found a large swath of space that it appeared had never been explored before. Of course, I couldn’t know that for certain until I came back to the bubble to sell the data I had collected. I was about 250 jumps out from Phillips Terminal, but I’ve still not been further than 5kly from human space. It took me quite a while to make it back, even with the 35ly jump range of the Temerity. But, when I got back and sold the millions of credits of data I had collected, much of it was confirmed by Universal Cartographics as first discovered by me!

And no sooner had I cracked myself a beer to celebrate and rest on my newfound laurels than I got a ping from my console. I had received a notification from the Pilot’s Federation that I had been promoted the the rank of Elite Explorer!

Not only that, but I was given a permit for and an invitation to the Founder’s World, Shinrarta Dezhra! I’m sitting here, typing this in my berth at Jameson Memorial. I can barely believe it. It’s been such a long journey, quite literally. Once I finish this bottle of champagne that I’ve been saving for the occasion, I’m going to go see if the Pilot’s Federation Elite rank discount is everything I’ve heard it is.


Date: 5 Jan 3305

I’ve joined the Distant Worlds 2 expedition to Beagle Point. It’s the single largest expedition of Pilot’s Federation members in recorded history and it is leaving a week from tomorrow, 13 Jan 3305. It’s scheduled to take 20 weeks just to reach Beagle Point and approximately 300 days for the entire round-trip journey. And then probably another 20 or so days to sell all the exploration data to Universal Cartographics :laughing: This is going to be an enormous undertaking, since Beagle Point is over 65kly from Sol, thirteen times the furthest distance I’ve ever been.

I’ve equipped Cherenkov, my Krait Phantom exploration vessel, with almost the minimum of equipment necessary to make the journey. I’ve managed to coax about a 48ly jump distance out of her, which puts me at about the average of the thousands of ships involved. I’m certain I could get much more out of her, but I am bringing along two SRVs and two AFMUs. About the only thing I have to worry about is damage to my power plant, a cracked canopy, or a critical loss of ship’s integrity. Those are the only things that absolutely require a space dock to be repaired. If I wanted to be even more self-sufficient, I could equip a repair limpet controller so that I could repair my own hull … but that’s one of the benefits of being part of an expedition, I don’t have to prepare for absolutely every eventuality.


Date: 9 Jan 3305

I’ve outfitted the Cherenkov about as well as I’m going to be able in the time before the expedition launches on Sunday. She’s got the longest jump range of any ship I’ve ever owned, 61.05ly. I think she’s definitely ready to go … the question is, am I?


Date: 12 Jan 3305

I’m squirming in my flight seat, ready to get this expedition underway. I’ve been fiddling with this and that, tweaking every little thing I can. I’ve even managed to get a few more light-years of jump distance out of her, 64.36Ly. I wish I could take some mining equipment with me, but that would require a larger ship and I just can’t afford to fully equip an Anaconda or Imperial Cutter right now. I can’t even fit a collector limpet controller on and still have room for a tiny cargo rack. This is going to be my home for the next 20 weeks to a year, so I want it to be perfect.


My experiences as part of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition can be found in a separate flight log.