Commander Earen -- Distant Worlds 2

Date: 13 Jan 3305

This is the log of my experiences as part of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition.

Final expedition configuration at launch

Docked at Bakewell Point in the Pallaeni system, the day of the expedition launch:

Date: 27 Jan 3305

I’ve been too busy the last couple weeks to write down any thoughts. After the momentous launch of 12,874 Pilots Federation ships on this year-long expedition, most of my time was spent charting my course, ensuring that I gather as much exploration data as I can, and making sure I don’t blow myself up.

Once I made it to the Omega Mining Station, I reconfigured the Cherenkov for mining in order to assist in the collection of materials for the construction of the star port near Sagittarius A*. I didn’t do a lot, but I did my part and was rewarded about 12.5MCr for my efforts, along with the ~30MCr I got for the materials I mined. I didn’t think I would be making any money until I got back to the Bubble after the expedition, so this was a nice surprise.

Today, we set out on the next leg of the journey. The expedition organizers are going to be announcing the next set of waypoints in a little over an hour. I’ve spent the last few hours putting things back the way they were, readying my ship for more exploration. While I was here though, I was able to get Elvira Martuuk to squeeze out the last iota of extra efficiency out of my Frame Shift Drive. It has topped out at 64.94Ly of jump range without Jumponium or neutron star boosting.

I can’t wait to get started …

Date: 2 Feb 3305

I’ve stumbled upon a strategy for finding more interesting star systems to explore and hopefully stumble across more previously unexplored star systems. Class M stars make up the bulk of the main sequence stars in the galaxy. If most pilots are plotting their courses using the “fewest jumps” setting, this means that class M stars are going to be the vast majority of the star systems they jump into because they’re most likely to be within the ship’s jump range without going over. So they’re also most likely to be previously explored, other than neutron stars. Neutron stars are likely to be explored because of their jump boosting capabilities. So, I’ve told my navi-computer to disregard class M stars when plotting my course.

I do have to be more careful about fuel with this new setting. But it does seem to be bearing fruit.

Huge Silicate Vapor Fumarole with sister moon and parent planet in the sky:

First neutron star I jump-charged from on the expedition:

Dropped out of witch space in between these two stars but managed to get out before I overheated:

Investigating the Conflux Delta Site:

Taking a break before the next leg of the expedition:


While we were waiting for the next set of expedition waypoints, some of us got a little drunk and had a competition to see who could hang their SRV off the Conflux Site’s sign:

Despite our drunkenness, a few of us were successful. I’m the orange one hanging sideways off the sign …

Date: 9 Feb 3305

It’s been an eventful week. I discovered an Earth-like world. I was nearly swallowed up by a black hole. I flew over 1km in the air in an SRV. And I met someone on the Galactic InfoNet to keep me company out in the black, callsign HiddenDamsel, captain of the Vosser Mai.

The Earth-like world is Ellaisms LB-O d6-185 planet B 1:

And here she is:

I managed to get a picture of the black hole that almost ate me:

I was a little busy making sure I didn’t drift past the event horizon. For whatever reason, my navicomputer dropped me out inside the exclusion zone, the area around a gravity well where a Frame Shift Drive stops working. This damaged my ship and all its systems. I was worried that this might be the end of my journey. The gravitic lensing was extremely disorienting, so I had to go by instruments only to point myself away from the black hole, wait for my FSD to cool down, and finally supercruise out of there :sweat_smile:

But I managed to make it safely to this week’s base camp:

And learned that the water geysers of Clooku EW-Y c3-197 moon 5 G A are not to be trifled with:

As far as Hidden Damsel goes, there isn’t much to be said so far. She’s a pilot and a welcome companion, a voice to keep me company out in the dark, cold void of the deep nothingness of space.

Date: 10 Feb 3305

I’m waiting for the next set of waypoints on our journey. While I’m waiting, I wanted to record where I’ve come from, how far I’ve gotten, and how far I still have to go:

Every time I take a moment to look at the galactic map, I am completely awestruck at the vastness of our galaxy. Even though Beagle Point is a popular destination and I am not exactly blazing my own trail, I will be very proud to get there, especially if I make it back safely.

Date: 17 Feb 3305

I’m relaxing at Polo Harbour right now, waiting for the next set of scouted waypoints from the expedition. My navicomputer tells me that I’m 17,589ly from Sol.

My paint job is a little worse for wear from the journey:

Gateway geysers to the sister planet shrouded above:

Possibly the most breathtaking picture I’ve been able to capture on the journey so far:

I couldn’t wait to get out of this star system of six black holes, just made me nervous:

I have to admit, being so far from civilized space has been taking its toll. I’ve caught my mind wandering during a jump more than once. A pilot can stare off into the depths in normal space all they want almost, but doing it during a jump is risky at the best of times. On this journey though, there’s just so little time spent in normal space comparatively. I just have to remember, “slow and steady wins the race”. I try to take sleep breaks planetside instead of in space. It kind of helps to remember what gravity feels like, even if it is the microgravity of a tiny moon.

I took a bit more time in the bar at Polo Harbour than I have in past weeks. This stop is the closest we’re getting to Colonia on the trip out. I was originally planning to take a side trip out there before the expedition turns coreward and heads to Sagittarius A*. But I felt like I needed just a bit more time around other pilots and less time out in the cold. So I’ll have to go to Colonia some other time. Perhaps some day when Hidden Damsel and I can go there together …